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GLC is a National Science Curriculum designed with insights from teachers, students, administrators, and parents to teach, inspire, and expose kids to grade level science STANDARDS through fun, engaging and hands-on labs.

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“GLC is what teachers need to successfully implement the national science standards within an already jam-packed school day!”

GLC Meets the Needs of Teachers and Students!

Meets All NGSS Standards

GLC meets all NGSS science standards, providing students with a understanding of scientific concepts. With a focus on inquiry-based learning, students are encouraged to explore and discover the world around them, preparing them for future success in science and beyond.


Can be easily adapted to teachers' available time, making it an effective tool for science education.

Literacy Connection

Lab Lessons include a Literacy book for teacher classroom library.

Instructional Videos

Lab Lessons include video instructions with Facilitator Guide.

Assessment Tool

Simplified assessments by lab/unit.


GLC provides a comprehensive and engaging approach to science education. Through hands-on experiments and activities, students will develop a understanding of scientific concepts. The opportunity to take home finished labs provides a tangible way to reinforce learning as well.

Time Saver

Lab Lessons 30 Minutes or Less


  • Materials Packaged By Lab

Differentiated Learning

Lab Lessons include Graphic Instructional Guide (GIG).

Cohesive Units

Focus on bundled Lab Lessons to connect cohesively to standards.

Connect to Real World

Lab connections to real world!

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