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Mary Kuehne's Kindergarten Classroom Thrives with GLC Curriculum

Step into Mary Kuehne's kindergarten classroom, and you'll immediately sense the excitement of discovery. Here, learning isn't just a task; it's a JOYFUL exploration fueled by ETHOS and GLC (Grade-Level Certified) – a STEM-simplified curriculum that ignites the love of science in every young mind.

“Sometimes I have people in my room who help me with group work and GLC is set up so that they can come into the classroom and step into the lesson and just go!”

Mrs. Kuehne's classroom is a hub of activity, with frequent helpers and a dedicated student teacher who proudly fits into the classroom’s learning environment. She is just getting started, taking over the classroom for Mary. What's remarkable is the ease with which anyone can join or even take over a GLC lab lesson – a testament to its user-friendly design and hands-on approach.

Signs of higher-level thinking were evident from the get-go. Before diving into a lesson on ramps, students brainstormed characteristics, engaged in discussions, and eagerly absorbed information from the engaging book that accompanies the unit. Their responses were so clever and animated, with vocabulary like "conveyor belt" woven into their conversation – proof of the effectiveness of prior GLC labs as a foundation for new learning experiences.

For English language learner Leo, GLC's Graphic Instructional Guides (GIGs) are a lifeline, enabling him to follow along with his peers without missing a beat. The labs have sparked a newfound enthusiasm for science, with students like Cam eagerly sharing their excitement and reinforcing crucial social skills through collaborative learning. 

“I’m having a brainstorm!”--Cam, Kindergartener

“I love taking turns with my friends and working in my Data Notebook together. Don’t you?”--Mrs. Kuehne says as she models for the class

But GLC isn't just about science; it allows the teacher to explore many other subjects as well! Mrs. Kuehne effortlessly weaves in counting, measuring, vocabulary, and prediction skills, enhancing the lab lesson with reading and math skills that are crucial for overall learning. The students' enthusiasm is so obvious as they eagerly grab their Data Notebooks, ready for the next adventure.

“Let’s get our Data Notebooks and then GET READY for some exploring on our own!” Mary tells the class after successfully using the LEARN portion of ETHOS’ LEARN/PLAY/CONNECT mod


She has provided the background knowledge for today’s lesson and now the kids get to PLAY and explore!

“I love how hands-on GLC is. The kids love the “PLAY” part and they learn so much!”--Mary Kuehne’s student teacher shares.

What sets GLC apart is its versatility. Units aren't just lessons and labs; they're springboards for endless opportunities for extended learning. Mrs. Kuehne's enthusiasm for extending today's lesson is contagious, as she plans to incorporate art into future ramp trials. She also plans to offer more experiences with ramps, extending today’s activity and sparking creativity and innovation in her students.

“I could keep going for months! I can extend this unit we are in now for as long as I want! I just keep building on it.”--Mary says about her GLC 

As I chat with Mabel about her love for science, her words say it all: 

"Science lets you WANDER."

I try to clarify. “Science makes you WONDER?”

And she says, “That too!”

Indeed, science isn't just about finding answers; it's about finding the JOY of inquiry and problem solving and embracing curiosity and wonder. GLC is bringing this to students every day!

In Mary Kuehne's kindergarten classroom, the joy of learning knows no bounds, thanks to GLC's innovative approach and Mrs. Kuehne's unwavering dedication to nurturing young minds. Here, every day is an adventure, and the possibilities for discovery are endless.

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