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Oz Salazar 

Director of Operations 




Job Description 

As Director of Operations, my role is multifaceted and integral to our mission's success. My primary focus
is on streamlining and developing processes and procedures, aiming to maximize efficiency and
effectiveness in our operations. This involves overseeing warehouse operations both inventory
management and fulfillment to ensure the timely and accurate distribution of educational materials.

I am responsible for designing and implementing innovative systems that improve business efficiency,
ultimately supporting our goal of inspiring young minds through STEM education.
Additionally, I oversee the maintenance and enhancement of our website, ensuring it is an informative and
engaging platform for our community. Also, in managing pricing strategies, I balance financial
sustainability with the accessibility of our programs.

Other responsibilities are designing any marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, product catalogs,
etc & oversee of social media marketing.

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