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Lauren Berger 

Media Marketing 




Job Description 

As an intern at Ethos Innovation Center, I play a dynamic role at the intersection of creativity, education, and technology. My primary responsibility is to run our social media marketing efforts, utilizing various platforms to amplify our mission and engage with our audience. Through strategic content creation and community management, I contribute to building a vibrant presence for Ethos Innovation Center.

In addition to my role in social media marketing, I actively participate in organizing and facilitating camps and field trips for children through our EIB program. This involves hands-on coordination and planning to create fun and educational experiences. Whether it's developing engaging activities or ensuring a smooth flow, fostering an environment where young minds can explore, learn, and innovate through hands-on STEM.

Overall, as an intern at Ethos Innovation Center, I wear multiple hats, from being the voice of the organization on social media to actively contributing to the hands-on experiences of young learners and playing a pivotal role in the success of the EIB program. This multifaceted role allows me to make a meaningful impact on the organization's mission to inspire and nurture innovation in the minds of future generations.

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