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Joseph Baughman 

WareHouse Manager 


574-393-9828 ext 61117


Job Description 

As the Warehouse Manager, your role encompasses several key areas. In Ordering and Inventory Management, you are responsible for overseeing the procurement of goods and maintaining an efficient inventory control system to ensure cost-effective stock levels. You will also monitor stock movement and anticipate future needs. Regarding Warehouse Maintenance, your duties include ensuring the warehouse is well-organized, clean, and safe, implementing storage systems for efficiency, and supervising equipment maintenance. In Process Optimization, you will develop and improve warehouse processes like receiving, storage, and dispatch, and oversee the implementation of a warehouse management system (WMS). Finally, in Shipping and Packing, your role involves managing the preparation and packing of orders, ensuring compliance with standards in packing materials and methods, and coordinating with logistics partners for shipment scheduling and delivery tracking.

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